Then, She Became a Mom  

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She always dreamed of becoming a mom. She played “Barbies” as a child, anticipating the time when she became the young woman Barbie represented. She took care of Cabbage Patch dolls like they were children of her own, looking forward to that special day - the one when she would have a real baby to feed, burp, nurture, change its diapers, etc.

As she matured into a teen, she was called on to take care of other people’s children. By the time she was a college student, she had developed a special knack for connecting with kids. She showed and taught them what it was like to own their own faith. Kids were drawn to her. They respected her. Adults admired her. She had a personality that people, young and old, were attracted to.

A few years later, she married. She cherished and adored her husband. Anticipating the day when they would become parents. That anticipation grew and grew, but as the months, then years, passed with no baby, questions were being raised. For example, “Why am I not able to have a baby?” was one such question. After several years of praying and hoping, the optimism had just about diminished.

Then, after several years of trying, praying, and hoping, a pregnancy test revealed “two lines”! “Could it be?” Finally, she found out what many other women get the chance to experience - the feeling of carrying a baby.

Through the next several weeks, she would praise God over and over, while praying for the safety and the health of the baby.

Then, she became a mom when Oliver came into her life. A beautiful, blue-eyed baby boy. The answer to her many prayers. She took to being a mother like she had already raised several other children. He is a gift from God, but more importantly, he was given a greater gift...being blessed to be raised by the mother who had waited for years for his arrival. All the waiting was worth it, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving woman other than my beautiful wife.

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