Don't Be Another Member of Society  

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People are all around us. Most go about their daily lives simply “going.” They go to work, go home, go to activities, go to school, go to eat – just going.

We are a people that is on the go a lot. Even in my rural community, people seem to be on the go much of the time – kids events, meetings, etc.

Is any of that really getting you where you want to be for yourself? Sure, parents love to see their kids be involved and excel in events, but what about the parent? Should it be nearly 100% sacrifice because you have kids at home?

I think there is all kinds of talent and passion in society that is left to just fizzle out. That brings us to this week’s quote..

Don't be just another member of society, be a living example of your dreams and goals. ~ Author Unknown
Some people give up before they even try to do something with their life. They just remain being “members of society” all their life.

I can only imagine how communities can be changed through people putting to work their passions and talents. That is one thing I enjoy doing is being able to put in my talents, skills, and passions in societal opportunities. That helps me live out a portion of my dreams and goals!

May you be inspired to do the same!

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