Giving Up - Our Greatest Weakness?  

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 It can be easy to want to give up. We naturally are not attracted to doing something hard. Granted, some people enjoy a good workout that is extremely hard and pushes your body to the limit. However, that same person my not want to clean their car because it appears too difficult.

When I instruct my son to clean his room, he usually responds by saying that it is "too hard." Part of his whining is because he doesn't want to do it and part of it is due to how messy his room has become over time. Once he begins, he will often times find something to play with that has been uncovered in his cleaning.

Again, he doesn't want to keep going for he would rather just give up. Maybe you are a "cleaner" and not the "workout" person. For working out would be too difficult for you and you would want to give up. That brings us to this week's quote about giving up.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up...the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time," Thomas Edison

It is said that Thomas Edison had 10,000 failures. Imagine somewhere in the 2,500th and 7,500th try of an invention if he would have given up. Take a minute after reading this and look up all the inventions that are given credit to Thomas Edison. After that, consider if he would have given up on any of those. Some we may have never had the opportunity to see. Though some of his inventions have been modified from the original, they are still something that have brought happiness to many of us.

Let's take it back to us. How much do we want to give up...on life? your marriage? yourself? your kids? your job? your schooling? your church?

If you give up now, you will never know the possibilities that may come about if you keep going! DON'T GIVE UP! Keep going! You will never know the end of the story if you give up now! Stick it out to the end!

Have a blessed day!