Coasting Through Life?  

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When I was late into my high school life, I purchased a car that was a stick shift. It was somewhat of a sports car. It was fun to drive - except when I was trying to juggle food and shift gears.

Sometimes when I would drive, especially if I was putting through town or coming up to a stoplight, I would take it out of gear to put it into neutral, letting it coast. It may not have been the best to go in and out of gear, but I enjoyed it.

A very embarrassing thing happened in that car when I was "dragging Main" was I killed it while trying to put it into gear, and I had worn the battery down from all the "dragging" and it died...luckily I had a friend in with me, but it was still embarrassing to push the car in busy, heavy traffic.

A vehicle with manual transmissions allow one to coast pretty easily. Besides the wear and tear on the transmission, one thing about coasting in neutral is you can't gain any speed. That leads us to this week's quote...
If you're coasting, you're either losing momentum or else you're headed downhill. ~ Joan Welsh

Are you coasting in life, or in certain areas of your? If so the quote holds true. How is your family life? How are your work pursuits? How is your church-related pursuit?

I asked a "get to know you" question one time about the favorite place to ride a bike. I got a good laugh out of one response..."downhill". For a lot of us that could be the favorite place to ride a bike. However, we do not receive any benefits from just coasting or going downhill.

If/when you see yourself coasting through life, it will probably be because you are losing momentum or heading downhill. Why not keep going? Putting in the energy will help you as you pursue your goals. Don't coast or wait for the downhill, anticipate the challenge of continuing to pedal. It has many benefits!

Coasted enough...starting to pedal...

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