Monday Mentionings: Too Good to Be True - Genesis 37:3-8  

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Our "family reunion" was really great on Sunday! It was great to see everyone there! Aubrey and I were very much surprised with your appreciation gift! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!

Have you ever experienced a "too good to be true" moment? We all would like to experience those moments more than we actually do. However, in our normal lives, too many moments like that would seem like the norm, and take away from some of the surprise factor.

As Christians, we have a whole life of "too good to be true" moments. If you think about salvation, that is when it tends to lose its "Christmas morning, gifts under the tree" surprise factor because it is a state we are in at all times. However, when you think about it a bit more, God can surprise us at any time with a situation you never thought would happen. As we looked at Joseph's life, here are some other applications...

  1. Have you been through some rough patches in life? Do they keep popping up from time to time? Are they so bad that you said to yourself, "God, why am I still here?" A person recently said that they were "ready" to go on to heaven. They didn't know that God was going to use them in an absolutely huge way, just right around the corner. Joseph went through some rough patches, but God wasn't through with him yet. You might wonder why, but God may just be going to use that painful life experience to benefit someone else or lead you to someone else. He's not through with you yet, either!
  2. God can make lemonade out of life's lemony moments. Losing a job can be very bitter. If you've ever been laid off or fired, or resigned or retired, say a quick prayer for those in that place, especially those who you really didn't get along with. Pray for yourself and for them.
  3. New clothes are fun to put on. There is the fact that they are new, which is fun. Also, there is the fact that you want to see how you look, how it fits, etc. I just heard about my 5 year-old niece who received a package from her grandparents with a new outfit. She had her dad stop the car just so she could change to put it on! She was excited! As Christians, Christ has put on our old clothes of sin and gives us new clothes of salvation, that we can put on. (II Corinthians 5:21, I Peter 2:24, Galatians 3:26-27) Praise God that you have the opportunity to no longer have those clothes! Praise Jesus for wearing you don't have to!!!

Remember, we can all "do big things for God!"

Have a great week!

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What do you think, please, of Obadiah Shoher's interpretation of the story? (here: ) He takes the text literally to prove that the brothers played a practical joke on Yosef rather than intended to murder him or sell him into slavery. His argument seems fairly strong to me, but I'd like to hear other opinions.

January 8, 2008 at 3:48 PM

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