If you are like me, there are some weeks of life which can seem like there is so much on one's plate that it is impossible to see it as a week that is overwhelming! Maybe it is work related, schedule related, financially related, or just life in general. There are lots of things can can cause you to be overwhelmed.

Having that feeling can seem oppressive as everything seems to be closing in on your life. The stress involved causes you to seem as if there is no "end in sight." Sometimes, common sense tells you there will be an "end" but in the middle of everything it seems difficult to see that "end."

Regardless of the source of the overwhelming feeling, to have some assurance or someone to guide you through the situation. Sunday, we looked at the scene when Joseph (Jesus' earthly father) was informed he was going to be a father and he seemed a bit overwhelmed. However, to be assured to know that Jesus, his son, was going to be "with us" as He was given the name Immanuel. Here are some applications to choose from to use this week...

  • You're What? ~ I can only imagine Joseph's reaction to Mary's news about her being pregnant. What it might be for you? Maybe it is an unexpected bill, news of someone's passing, news of a job loss, or some other news that rocks your world and comes out of no where. They are all with the potential to be overwhelming. How do you deal with these situations or something similar? Do you simply sleep it off or address it or talk to someone or try to do it yourself? May be find safe and sane ways to create an environment to grasp the news.
  • Save Them ~ It is a bittersweet moment when we think about hearing that your child would save people from their sins. The people would know this as likely a sacrifice for their sins. He would be given an honor that is unlike any other, but He would have a responsibility that is unlike any other, as well. God came to be with us, to be deity in human form, so that he could understand us and we could try to understand God.
  • God Revealed ~ It is fascinating that God would reveal himself in this form, to us. That God would leave His place of comfort to this place of discomfort. We can be grateful for such a God as this.
I am grateful to have someone with me, through God, to have the Spirit as a guide and helper. May you be blessed to have that same Helper for you as you experience times of feeling overwhelmed.

Now it's your...when do you feel overwhelmed?

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